Friday, 3 December 2010

Catch-up Brush-up students

Dear Students,

You are about to study intensively the language of your choice at the Language Centre next week. I very much hope you will have a pleasant journey :-)

It is possible for you to come early and pick up the textbook copy from the library, write the information down in the Library Register, go to class with it, and return it at the end of your class, putting it in the trolley. It is however not possible that all students will be able to borrow the library copy, as those are in limited number. Please do take this into consideration.

Like my predecessor, I am looking after all the languages that people are interested in (about 140 languages so far!), and therefore cannot spend too much of the budget just on textbooks used for one week.

Thank you for your time.

Have fun next week!

Lucile, Librarian.

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