Monday, 23 November 2009


Unfortunately I could not also make it for this lecture done by Dr James Benson and once again, a colleague of mine was able to give me the documentation so I can offer you the bibliography!


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Elementary works

Coulson, Michael, Teach yourself Sanskrit, Hodder Education, London, 1976. (we have the revised 2006 edition in the Library as well as several other textbooks for learning the language from beginner's level)
Macdonell, Arthur, A Sanskrit Grammar for Students, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1927.


sfauthor said...

Nice work. Do you know about these Sanskrit books? They're all in Oxford's library.

Language Librarian Oxford said...

Thanks. I do not know these Sanskrit books no but I am sure they must be in Oxford libraries, best being to check OLIS/SOLO.

Any linguistics queries really I would pass on to my colleague Dr Sytsema, the Linguistics Librarian at Oxford Uni.